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Sunday, August 30, 2009

MY FIRST POST: The story so far...

 Eleven years ago, after an accident, I was told I wouldn't work again. I spent the first few years after the accident struggling to come to terms with the future and trying various avenues searching for a career I was able to do even if I had been told it wasn't possible.
Eventually I fell into pottery after attending a free course. Two years followed and as a part time student I learnt the basics of the craft.
Following this I decided to build a small studio in my garden, bought the basic tools needed to start throwing and last Christmas did my first firing. The pictures below are the fruits of that first attempt:
First jug and bowl.
A small copper glazed vase.
A medium copper and red oxide/white base bowl.
Small bowl and lidded pot glazed as above.
Pint mug, standard mug and soup mug.
(Pint mug glazed with manganese oxide)
Mugs and bowls with simple clear and white base glazes.
They may not be the greatest creations ever seen, but I was very happy with the outcome.

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