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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As promised here are the photos of the teapots I have been asked to make for family and friends. It has been an interesting learning process as teapots are probably the most technical things a potter can make, as you have to throw the body, spout and lid; and make sure that they all fit and are balanced overall.
This first teapot (pictured above) is a tiny japanese style. The body is 9cm tall approx. I've brushed some slip over the main body; not sure that I'm totally happy with it yet. May do some more to it before it's fired.
This next one is a mid sized pot a around 13cm high. It looks like it may turn out to be a good one; will see after it's fired..
The pot above is slightly larger at around 15cm. Again it seems pretty good for a first attempt.
This last picture shows the biggest one I threw. It is around 22cm high. Had to put two handles on it, front and back, otherwise you would have to be a body-builder to lift it! This is probably the one I'm most concerned about when it comes to firing it, but will see what happens.
A point worth mentioning: When I give the sizes here these apply to the unfired pots. Clay shrinks when it's fired as water is driven off. These teapots will shrink by up to ten percent by the time they are finished.

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