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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Handles & Glaze

Hello all. I've been applying handles to the mugs I threw yesterday and I have uploaded a video to YouTube showing the process. At the same time I did another video showing how I make a small extruder and how to use it to extrude handles.
This afternoon I glazed the mugs for another single firing test (see the Opening The Kiln video for the first results) and they are finished and waiting to fire. I also mixed up five or six litres of clear glaze (which takes longer than you may think as it all has to be pushed through an 80 micron mesh) and have done some more work on my stamp so that I can have some made and ready when I do the next firing.
So all in all a busy and productive day. May have another go at some sculpture tomorrow, will let you know.
Thanks (as always) for visiting.

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