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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Died Today...

...well, almost. Ok, not at all. But I felt like I could after a tough morning of physio. Asked the physios if anyone had ever had a heart attack because they worked them too hard. They said not, but I'm not sure I believed them. Especially as they pointed out that they did have a defibrillator in a corner.
We did the same circuit as last week, where we did a circuit exercise for one minute and then swapped onto either bikes or treadmills. As always I worked as hard as I could so as not to let the side down and after one round of the circuit, after I had lost a pound or two, I asked the question about heart attacks.
Hi,ho...still I shouldn't moan it's made a great difference to my fitness and my leg has improved in leaps and bounds. They are now talking about putting me into the advanced class, but I'm not sure I would hack it.
Anyway, this afternoon I was back in the studio turning the vases etc. that I threw yesterday and made a short video showing one of the techniques I use for finishing the surface of the pots. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel (see link in the right hand column).
Hope to do some modelling tomorrow as I didn't have time today.
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