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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Results From The Latest Firing

I've just unloaded the kiln from last nights firing and the following photos are just a quick few snaps I took to show you the results. I plan to make a short video tomorrow showing them again, in more detail as I have been asked by my YouTube visitors to keep them updated.

The large bowl made for a friend.
This has turned out better than expected.

The first frog pot. Now glazed inside.

This is one of the tea bowls you may have seen me throwing.
It was glazed and single fired. The glaze was sprayed on.

A vase, again with sprayed decoration.

The lizard pot. Unfortunately it lost two toes as I glazed it.
But the glaze looks lovely.

The large teapot with a chocolate brown glaze.

The Lingam with lovely thick copper glaze.

Another spray decorated vase.

And finally the last frog pot with a clear glaze.

Well there you are. That's a brief look at what emerged. As a whole I'm pleasantly surprised. Some things could be better but as most were experiments they turned out well. The animal pots I chose to glaze three ways. One with no glaze, one with clear and one with a thick dark glaze. I like the unglazed and the thick dark copper glazed lizard pot. You'll have to let me know which you like and which of the other pots appeal (and those which don't).
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