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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Sheep Is Born Again...

...but hasn't got the strength to get up.

As you can see I've started to have another go at the sheep for my brother in law. To play it safe I thought it best to have it lying down. It meant that I didn't have to build an armature to support it, which has been an easier project to attempt.
It's not looking bad at the moment but needs a lot of work yet. The biggest problem I have is that the reference pics of sheep lying down I'm using are of various breeds and I am trying to do one in particular. Next time I attempt a project like this I will have to go out and take pics of the animal from all angles first. Anyway I am trying hard to get the right feel to the piece. I think it still needs to have more weight to it's form, so it's just a matter of working at it to try and get it right. Parts of the modelling are fine and others not so much. Will see how it goes tomorrow. Hope for the best.

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