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Monday, November 16, 2009


...cup. Errr, cup?
Guess what? I spent the day throwing cups again. You might think I'd be going bonkers by now, but actually I had a good day. Come the end of the clay I had left from last week I was throwing well and may have started to get the technique correct. It's not that I couldn't throw cups before, but rather that you need to have a good efficient technique to throw as quickly and reliably as possible. The leftover clay was starting to get a bit firm, so I lost a few of the cups but ended up with enough to fill half the kiln (which was what I wanted).
I didn't fire the cups from last week this weekend as I wanted to use up the leftover clay and get the handles on todays cups before I turn on the kiln as the heat dries out anything laying around the studio. But all the cups from last week are loaded up and ready to fire. Should get the handles on these last cups tomorrow then I have a few more pots to throw for friends before I can do some more modelling. 
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