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Monday, November 9, 2009

Firing Results

Had a busy day again today. I have been throwing some more big pots and have emptied the kiln. The following pics are the result.

This is just a little ball vase. White slip was applied and then mostly scraped off.

This is the bowl which I sprayed with combinations of slip and oxide. It didn't emerge from the kiln as I would have liked, but is ok.

This is a large bowl I have had laying around for a while. It has white slip on the rim which you can just about make out on the photo. I poured copper glaze thickly over it. I'm quite pleased with the result.

This is the vase I had doodled on. It has not been successful as the clear glaze has partially obscured the drawing.

Here is the little vase I used to test spraying slip. You may have seen it on my YouTube site. It has fired ok, but some of the slip seems to have vanished... curious, not sure why.

This is a bottle which featured in another video. It has fired nicely.

This is another large bottle with copper glaze applied.

Here is the vase I applied oxides to. Again this is from a video. After the first firing I really liked it, now I'm not so keen. The glaze has clumped a bit thickly in places, especially on the rim.

This is a bottle which turned out really well. I've made a video about this which I will be posting as soon as I have finished it.

Lastly, a little tea set. I'm chuffed with this. The tea bowls you may have seen before. I glazed everything with the copper glaze which has fired very well.

I also popped the single fired mugs in because the glaze hadn't melted enough when I did the single fire test. They have emerged well, so next time I do a single firing I will make sure I fire at the higher temperature.
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