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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Explosion!

Sorry I haven't kept you up-to-date for a few days, surprisingly I've been too busy! I know, don't faint or anything!
On Friday we went to a friends wedding and had a lovely time. Before the wedding, as were in the area, I arranged to meet Steve Booton (see links) a potter I have been communicating with through YouTube. He's a really nice chap and a talented and inspiring potter so it was great to meet up. I could have spent the day talking and as it was we ended up arriving a few minutes late for the wedding! Still, nobody noticed.
Anyway I loaded the kiln yesterday...
...and scraped it out tonight!
Ok, maybe things weren't really that bad. I had loaded half of it with cups and crammed the medieval pitcher, the black on black vase, a clock and the three casseroles into the rest of it. One of the casseroles exploded. I had concerns about firing them but they felt completely dry and sounded it when tapped. But I also knew it had been cold and wet here for a couple of weeks and things had been taking ages to dry. However I knew if they weren't fired now I would struggle to get everything finished off in time for Christmas. Fortunately I had thought ahead. The casseroles were for a friend, and they had only asked for two. I threw three just in case. However when it exploded it also broke the medieval pitcher and damaged the black on black vase, but these weren't orders, only experiments so I can live with that.
I'll try to remember to post some pics. tomorrow.
Thanks, as always, for visiting.

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