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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So How Did The Firing Go?

The answer: Not bad. The teapot survived, it is a little patchy again but I was expecting that anyway. The big vase has a patch of unglazed clay showing inside, but that was my fault for glazing it when it was getting dark. Apart from that everything else came out well. I can't tell you about them as they are presents for my family. But I will update you after Christmas.
Anyway here are the pics:

So here are a couple of pics of the teapot. No matter how many faults I can nit-pick at it is still a good, functional, fun pot. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself, still it is better to aim high than to be happy with failure (isn't it?).

Next is the 5kg vase from one of my videos. I used my oxide mix on the outside of this (partially burnished at the top and bottom) and a 7.5% iron oxide clear base glaze for the inside. As I wrote earlier I am happy with this. I think the combination of the matt outside and dark glazed interior work well.


Why is there a bird on this potter's blog? After taking the previous pictures I walked past my aviary and one of my Bourkes Parakeets was whistling at and watching me, so he got his picture here too. He's looking a bit cold but he has a heater in the inside flight so it's his choice to be out. He likes the fact that there is lots of greens, fruit and millet outside. He's the closest I have to a picture of a robin so you'll just have to use your imagination and believe it is a Christmas pic.

This will be my last post this week so I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and I hope Santa brings you everything you want, or at least everything you need! Oh, and if you don't celebrate Christmas I send you season's greetings and I hope you enjoy the day off!
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  1. Mark!! Your firing came out awesome :) The Vase is amazing. I really like the spiral design and finish. The teapot is so fun.. It's going to make someone smile for sure.
    How cool that you have an aviary. So it's open to the outside? Maybe I'm not clear on what an aviary is. Your Bird is very cute. Merry Christmas to you and your wife :)

  2. I have recently discovered your blog. I am a new potter and I really enjoy your blog! I hope you will continue to post about your studio and your work. I live in East TN.


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