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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishing You Health, Wealth And Happiness For Christmas & The new Year

Sorry I've got so behind. I'll get back to normal in the New Year (all being well).
So just a quick catch up with a couple of videos I've just posted.
I have been doing other things as well recently, but nothing of any note.
Here are the vids:
This first one is a good example of the glazing I've been doing recently. These cups and mates came out of the kiln last week.

And, as always at Christmas, here's the corn...

Happy Christmas. Thank you for your recent comments one or two have really inspired me.


  1. Mark, Great videos! Thanks so much for another awesome holiday song. Just lovely :)
    I hope you and Michelle have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Missing your posts... Are you ok? Greetings from Brazil.

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