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Monday, September 21, 2009

An Interesting Day

Hello all, thanks for visiting again.
Had a busy weekend and a full day today. Over the weekend I put together a Potters Handbook for you and my YouTube channel viewers, or at least those who are interested in pottery and the skills and history that go with it. I've uploaded it onto my website (see the link to my website in the right hand column).
After I had finished that, this morning I popped into the studio and threw for a little while, just to practise. At the same time I filmed a few videos for YouTube and have just finished uploading them.
The pots I threw today are for glaze practise this week. As I intend to do the second firing of the pots from last week I wanted to do some single firing practise with the few pots from today. Single firing means just that. You only fire pots once with the glaze applied to the green (unfired) pots and hope they don't break in the kiln. Will let you know how things go later on in the week.

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