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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Results of the First Firing

Just a quick update today as I have been working on something that I've been promising myself for a couple of months..will reveal all over the next day or two.
Anyway the first firing went well and I didn't lose anything. You can see a couple of pics of the results below:

The first shows all the pots I had managed to cram into the kiln; not a huge amount, but I only have a mid-sized kiln. You can see that when they come out of the kiln unglazed they are a nice warm orange colour (terracotta clay tends to be a terracotta colour when fired!).

So here is a close up of some of the teapots and one of the mixing bowls (see video on YouTube).

And above are some of the little bottles (again see my YouTube channel for the video of them being thrown).
More tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

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