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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Last Day.. physio today! Not, you understand, that I'm magically cured; but I'm a great  deal better than I thought I could be. I talked with the senior physio about moving up to the advanced class, but as I can only just manage the one I'm in it seemed unnecessary. So we agreed that today should be my final day. I should mention that I have done eight weeks when generally people only do five or six, so they have gone out of their way to help and I can't praise them enough. I'm pleased as I have been planning my week around the class and have missed out on some of the things I should have done in my studio, just to make sure I would not be aching too much for the physio classes.
Anyway, when I got home today I went out into the studio and did some finishing that had to be done. This took up all my time today so I'll be back out again tomorrow to do some modelling.
While I was outside I took a couple of pics showing some of the things I've been working on:

The first pic (above) shows the pot I sprayed yesterday (see video) now it has dried, as well as some tea bowls and teapot, the bottle you may have seen before and a tiny dip bowl.
You will find a new video of me throwing the tea bowls at my YouTube channel (see link on the right).

Above is the very large bowl you may have seen thrown in a video I posted last Friday. I found the time the other day to turn it and apply slip to the inside; I'm pleased with the result.
I also turned some other good sized pots today but couldn't take a pic as they are covered, to stop them from drying out, so that I can put models onto them. Will show you the results asap.
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