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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Busy Few Days At Brookfield Pottery

Don't seem to have had time to stop for days now. Today I have been doing some slip tests, the results of which you can watch in the video above this. As well as this I have been turning and finishing some more pots. Wanted to find the time to do some more modelling but, although I finished early today, I decided to put it off until tomorrow after physio.
I also have to get around to glazing the pots from the firing the other day, which I must do quickly as there is almost no space left on my shelves. Still, I suppose that is a positive thing as it means I have been busy.
The first couple of days this week were spent throwing some more vases as well as some tea bowls, lidded jars and another teapot. I have been throwing well and my technique is improving, which is why there is such a range of pots laying around at the moment. Although, saying that, I have thrown loads of pots away as I have been practising some different techniques but didn't want to save everything, so only kept the things I found interesting.
Anyway, just thought I had better keep you up-to-date as I haven't posted any video for a while and haven't had the time to write anything here for a few days.
Thanks, as always, for visiting.

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