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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Results From Todays Kiln Opening

So above is the results from a firing this weekend. Most of it was successful with a couple of exceptions.
The vases and the large bowl all came out well. The lingam, which you can see just sticking up at the back, looking like a giant lemon squeezer has a crack accross it. However I knew this when I put it in and hope when I glaze it this will be filled in; we shall have to wait and see.

The sheep:

Cracked. However it has stayed together so I may be able to rescue it, either by painting or dark glazing. It's a pity as the parts I thought may crack (the ears) haven't I can only assume that the crack happened because of differences in the thickness of the shell or if it was not completely dry (even though I had tested it and it seemed fine before I loaded it into the kiln).

The teapot:

Is fine. And it seems a good weight as well. Will have to wait and see how it comes out of the kiln after glazing.
The frog and lizard pots:

Both are good, even though I thought these were the most at risk. I've found a couple of hairline cracks on the toes of the lizard so I will probably glaze the whole pot. It will give me a chance to compare the pots with and without glaze on the outside.
That's all for now. Not a bad firing, just dissapointed with the sheep, but that is the nature of working with clay, you can never be sure of the results.
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