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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where am I?

Just to let you know that I still alive! I spent most of this week finishing of re-arranging the workshop, but came down with a bit of a bug at the end of the week just stinking headaches and a temperature so probably not dying!
Went out this afternoon to see Kerry Newell working at a local garden centre (see the link to her website in my links in the right hand column). She was working on a picture of a wolf and was also selling her prints. You should go and have a look at her website it's well worth a visit. The only thing I would say is you don't get an impression of the size of her prints online the ones at £95 are well worth considering as you get a really good sized print for your money.
Anyway that's enough of the sales pitch. I plan to do some throwing next week and want to practice some more large wares as well as throwing some mugs and other orders. Tomorrow I hope to glaze the surviving pots from the explosive bisque firing.
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