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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Accident in the kiln last night. The big bowl exploded! Unfortunately when it did it took two pots with it; one of which was the polar bear biscuit barrel. The lid survived so I think I will keep it as a reminder to make sure all the pots I load into the kiln are thoroughly dry. I thought the bowl was, but didn't check it to make sure, which I do normally. Basically if the pots aren't dry, when the water boils off them (which it does even if they are dry, but not as much) it doesn't turn to steam quickly enough and falls back as water cracking the surface. If there is a lot of water the pots can explode and disintegrate which this did leaving a pile of dust and small shattered pieces on the shelf.
Some pots survived though and here are a few highlights:

You may have seen the pot above before as I filmed it's creation. It's come out of the kiln very well. I like the contrast between the dark oxides and the natural clay.

The next pot is one I featured in a previous post which, again, has turned out well.

The pot above you've not seen before. I thought I would use the dark oxides as a canvas to doodle on. It's a bit mad (but so am I!).
Anyway I have also been out in the studio tidying and rearranging things. I have almost finished and will take the photos as promised when I have.
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