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Friday, January 29, 2010

Nearing The End...

...of the studio clean-up!
Almost done now. Got the shelves up and re-arranged the layout of the studio to make as much space as possible.

So the picture above shows the shelves I have put up above my work table. I recycle everything (If you hadn't realised by now!) and the first two lower shelves are made from a kitchen worktop that I split lengthwise.

The shelves above were already in the studio, but I have moved them around and put the doors and etc.s form the kitchen units across them to make extra space. There isn't much left of the kitchen units I removed from our kitchen, but they have been useful.
Anyway, apart from faffing around with the shelving I have had a good clean up. And have tried to move everything around to make as much space as possible. I'm getting there.
I have also been installing a themocouple into my kiln. This has been a pain, but a self inflicted one! I bought a thermocouple and pyrometer from a well know auction site for a very small outlay. However I have had to take the old and rusted solid, thermocouple from my kiln and using it and parts from the one I had bought, make a working unit and install it in the kiln. (A thermocouple is a probe which sticks into the kiln and sends the temperature to the pyrometer).
To cut a boring story short: I managed, after various combination attempts to get everything working. I also now have a separate working thermocouple and pyrometer that I hope to use later this year in another project.
So there we are. Only another day of tidying left now. I'll be back in the studio throwing on Monday (touch wood!).
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