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Monday, February 15, 2010

Become Immortal

Most of today was spent playing around with this video. It's me discussing the immortality of ceramics and how to search for a unique identity as a potter. I have been planning it for some time. I shot one version of it the other day but my wife said I looked like the phantom of the opera, because my face was strongly lit from one side and it looked bleached out. So I thought I'd better remake it while the ideas were still flying around my mostly empty head! Also, I am going to the dentist this week to have a wisdom tooth removed (joy!) and I was afraid I may be looking like a lopsided chipmunk for some time afterwards. Not necessarily the best look for my YouTube videos (all of you who just thought it might be an improvement: shame upon you!).
I hope to get out and do some throwing tomorrow. I want to make some condiment bowls. Will, as always, keep you updated.
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  1. Very good video. Good luck with your wisdom tooth extraction.. Ouch!


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