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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Throwing Condiment Bowls Part 1

Just a brief update today. I was out in the studio throwing dozens of condiment bowls earlier. However there are none left now. At the end of my time throwing I squished everything I made. They are all now a reconstituted ball of clay sitting on my work table waiting for me to throw again tomorrow.
Why? Well, I decided to use them as a throwing exercise. I want to be able to throw a small flat bottomed condiment bowl in one fluid movement. Come the end of throwing today I had just about mastered the technique and I felt that by going through the same process tomorrow I may end up being better and more consistent.
Repeat throwing is the one area of pottery I know I need to put more work into. Hopefully come the end of the day I'll have lots of little bowls I can be pleased with. If not, they'll all be recycled again!
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