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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Alive, Alive!

It seems as if I survived the trip to the dentist. Or something terrible has happened and I've been reborn as me! I suppose there could be worse punishments, but I'm not convinced.
Anyway, I sat down to edit the video I had shot of the condiment bowls and it is all terrible (half of it is of the back of my head!). I'll shoot some more in a couple of days as I am enjoying the throwing practice.
Before I forget: I popped outside this afternoon and took a couple of photos of some of the bowls. They haven't been turned yet, but I hope you can get an idea of how they'll look.

You can see that they aren't all the same, but I am getting some consistency of form. I wasn't trying to repeat throw as much as I was trying to replicate the technique.

In the close-up you can kind of see how they are thrown: Thumb straight into the centre and then swept outwards, the other hand supporting the shape.

And above is what I walked out into to take the pics. The snow is starting to settle again. I hope it doesn't stay for long.
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  1. Glad you survived the Dentist. It's always good to get those visits behind you.
    What an icky day you have there. It's sunshine and Spring like here in Washoe Valley. Perfect Ski days.
    The bowls are a very nice shape.


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