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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Need To Knead

I had to throw away all the bowls I made the other day, because I left them for a couple of days before I went out to turn them and they were completely dry. This meant that turning them would have been more trouble than it was worth so I threw them all into a bucket and steeped them in water for a day to recycle.
Anyway, this got me thinking that maybe I should take this as a sign and do some recycling of the clay slops that have been sat in a large bin in the corner of the studio for too long. So I got off my lazy bum and cracked on..
Yesterday I got out my large slab of plaster and began spreading out and turning  some of the slops. I managed to get quite a bit partially dry by today so I took it and began incorporating it into some old clay, which was getting rather firm.
This sounds easier then it is. If you're a potter you'll know that this is a tiring job. By the end of my day I had managed to wedge and knead approximately 60kg (130lbs) into usable soft lumps.
It shows how unfit I am at the moment, as most of me is now aching! Who knows how I'll be come the morning. That being said I intend to throw some more pots tomorrow as I have some more ideas and don't want to wait. So even if I have to hobble out to the studio on my stick, I'll be there.
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  1. here i thought i was the only one who threw pots and let them sit too long before trimming... :)


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