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Friday, February 5, 2010

Throwing Curious Glaze Testers

I've thrown a whole load of curious looking glaze testers today:

I know this seems like a strange picture. The reason I threw these shapes is because the glaze recipes that I plan to test are liable to run quite a lot. This is why I have thrown these shapes with a little gallery foot, (I normally make small test tiles to try glazes) so that if the glaze does run, it will pool in the foot and (hopefully) won't run onto the kiln shelves. I left the surface rough so that I will be able to see how the glaze holds the surface.
I know this seems like an unusual post, but hopefully those potters who, like me, want to play around with making glazes may take some inspiration from this simple idea. I'll be talking some more about glazes over this next week.
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