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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Almost forgot to update you on my progress this week: I've been mixing and making up glaze tests. I've ended up with twenty five mixes, four of which will be fired at 1000c and the rest at 1120c. Hopefully they will all turn out as I intend. I will post some pics when I finish the firings. Probably by the start of next week.
I've also been doing some more of my secret project....exciting 'aint it? No...probably not...wait and see. I've been making things to be fired for the project today.
I only have a couple of pots to fire that were left over from last year. One is very big and I've had it drying out thoroughly for the past couple of days so that, hopefully, it won't explode in the kiln. If it does it may ruin the glaze test so I'll have to pack the kiln carefully.
That's all for today, will let you know how things go.
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