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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kiln Is Firing Right Now

Well the kiln is on and the first batch of glaze tests is in. The thermocouple is working (which was a relief) and everything else seems to be working properly (fingers crossed). I am also firing the big vase I mentioned in an earlier post as well as the little goblet I applied terra sigillata too; so it will be interesting to see how it fires.
This afternoon I made a load of brush supports to fill the extra space in the kiln and dried them out in front of the fire before loading them. I know a few people who wanted one so at least they'll be of some use.
There are only four glaze tests in this bisc firing but they are the most interesting experiment I am attempting. I'm looking forward to seeing how they emerge. I just hope nothing explodes and ruins everything! Wish me luck.
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