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Friday, February 12, 2010


To my surprise the bisc firing went well. Nothing exploded! So this afternoon, after the firing had finished, I began glazing the results. To be honest I went a bit bonkers and glazed everything within sight. I had a dozen mugs laying around from last year, the copper glaze on which hadn't taken, so these were re-glazed and went into the kiln along with a few other pots which I wasn't happy with after their previous glaze firing. I don't know whether the glaze will take on these pieces, but I decided it was better to give it a go rather than just throw them away.
In the end I managed to fill the kiln and, as always, it is firing now as I write this.
Before I forget, I should mention that the glaze tests which went into the bisc firing were not successful and they have gone into this firing to see if they take at the higher temperature.
If the firing finishes early enough I will post pics of the results tomorrow.
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