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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still Working

I have only managed to do one frog pot in the end as the ginger jars dried out so fast I couldn't do any more. As it is the one I did had to be patched here and there as the frog cracked a little as the water was sucked out of the clay by the jar. So I made one of my fat prehistoric type ladies to go on another one and have been sgraffitoing (is that a real word?) the others.
I have posted a video on YouTube today which I filmed this morning showing my progress with the t.sig. It may be useful to those of you who are trying terra sig. for the first time like me, as it illustrates what I am doing to get a better surface shine.
I only have one large pot left to decorate now, which is wrapped up and waiting for Monday as I am busy 'till then.
I'm planning to throw some pots next week as I have had one of my epiphanies and want to test my idea. I will keep you updated, as always.
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