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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn

I finished turning the ginger jars today. I've ended up with nine I'm fairly happy with. There is also one ball vase and one biscuit barrel (the barrel is on the far left of the photo). The ball shape you can see sticking up in the middle of the second bat is a mini udu drum (search YouTube to find out more and see them being played). It was going to be another ginger jar, but it flew off the wheel as I was turning it (too fast). When I picked it up I noticed, apart from the few bumps, it was slightly rounded on the base. So I rolled it to round the base properly, coiled a neck onto it and put a hole in the centre. I'll burnish it some more over the next couple of days and will show you it when I've finished.
I'll start putting animals onto the pots next week. My wife is off to Israel this weekend and I'll be taking her to the airport, so I won't have much spare time until Sunday. I'll just work on the udu and clean up the workshop until she's away.
It's been a lovely sunny day again today. I'm hoping it stays like this for the foreseeable future. Still cold, (the bird's water has been freezing overnight) but we can't have everything. 
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