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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just a quick update. I went out to clean up today and ended up throwing instead.
I walked into the workshop and the wheel was coated with clay as was the area around it and I though "what the heck, I'll throw some more big ball vases. It's not as if I can make more mess!".
So I did. I only saved one of them, because I was throwing large amounts of clay. But it was a learning experience. The one I saved was around 6kg (about 13lbs, the smallest weight I threw) and looks pretty good.
I also destroyed the large ball vase I threw previously. When I looked at it today I noticed that after I had turned it, it had slumped slightly. I could have saved it but I thought it would be interesting to see how well I had thrown it. Surprisingly well, was the answer. It had a good even profile all the way up, which was encouraging.
So tomorrow I'll clean up....I'm sure. Probably sure. If nothing more interesting turns up!
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  1. isn't cleaning the worst? i'd much rather throw more pots! :)


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