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Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been throwing some more ball pots today. I have a reasonable amount thrown, along with their lids. Almost all are 1kg ginger jars, although I have thrown a couple of larger ones (and a bowl to test the terra sig.).

Above is pic of most of them.
I started off the other day throwing the lids normally. Today however, I switched to throwing them off the hump and found it much easier. They'll need to be trimmed quite a bit, but I prefer that to them being to thin.
When I trimmed the lids from the end of last week, over the weekend, I lost a couple of them. This was just because I threw them to thin and split them taking them off the bats. At least when I throw off the hump I can make sure I leave a good foot below them (as you can see in the pic) so that they will be easier to handle when I come to trim them.
The reason for the problem, I believe, is because I've spent so much time throwing mugs that I open small amounts of clay the same way, just with a thin base (I don't turn my mugs).
The workshop is a mess now, so tomorrow I'll have to do some tidying....sigh, forward to the fray!
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