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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good Is Bad And The Bad Good

Where to start? I did a bisque firing yesterday and opened the kiln this afternoon. It had tripped out before then, fortunately in the cooling period. I'll have to take the side off and find out why tomorrow. Anyway, from he pic. above you can see that I had some success. The terra sig. came out very nicely. Exactly as intended, which was a surprise! But (and here's the point of the title) the sig. and the other test pieces are fine, however the ginger jars (which I had planned to sell) are not so good.

I hope you can see what I mean in the picture above. The pot on the right was sgrafittoed (is that a real word?) when leather hard, not long after the oxide was applied. The one on the left was decorated when it was very dry. They both looked as if the decoration was of the same width, depth etc. before they went into the kiln, but not when they came out. I don't know why this happened but it did. I'll know better next time. Unfortunately most of the jars where decorated dry!

To cheer me up here are the handled bowls, which survived the firing and feel very nice to hold. I'll be glazing some time this week, if the kiln works.

Before I clear off I thought you might like to see the big udu drum. I decided to terra sig. it and it's looking good. I didn't have room in the kiln for it this time, but I'm hoping to get it fired very soon.
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  1. Strange things can happen in a firing he?
    Thankfully most of it came out good.
    Looove the Udu drum (of course, hehe), I wonder how the TS and the burnishing effect the sound though.
    Will you (somehow??) let me know what the sound is like after it is fired?

    good luck with the kiln!


  2. Beautiful work Mark. The Terra Sig came out great! Does it feel like a glaze to the touch? Sorry about the ginger jars. The one with Swirls is gorgeous. You've got to tell us what the writing says on the jar on the left. Your handled bowls rock. Looking forward to seeing them glazed.


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