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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here I Am Again, Happy As Can Be...

OK, where to start...above is a video I have just posted showing a few of the pots from my recent firings, now that the kiln is working again. This includes the Udu and the ball pots.
I have been out in the workshop this week throwing pots and modelling to get some stock ready for the exhibition I mentioned previously. I'm still awaiting confirmation of my place, but I thought I really ought to get a move on or I wouldn't have anything ready in time.
I have thrown a handful of pots so far and have tried not to do too many at a time as I intend to sculpt or model onto them.
Today I have been modelling and these are the results so far:

This pic. shows the first pot I worked on with a frog on it. It is going (hopefully) to be a lamp when it is finished. I'm trying to focus on the type of person who might visit the exhibition and what they may purchase. I have thrown a few pots of this type to be used as lamp bases. I intend to pit fire them after bisc firing and will probably t.sig them if I can work out how to get it into all the nooks and crannies. We'll see.

And this is the other pot I worked on today. I hope you can see that it is a lizard? Apart from these two I turned a bowl and sorted out some clay.
I hope to finish another couple of pots over the weekend and as always I will keep you up to date. It's nice to be able to post something interesting for a change!
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  1. "Happy as can be" is awesome :) Your sculpture pots are so great!

  2. haven't had a chance to check out your video yet, but i have to say that frog is absolutely fantastic! i LOVE it!! lizard's great too! :)


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