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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fish And More Fish

I've spent the last few days carving one pot and starting to carve another. I have had the sketches for this idea for some time and I thought it would make an interesting addition to the pots for the exhibition (If I have my place day!).
As I intend to do a barrel firing shortly I thought that carving into, rather than applying models to pots would be a safer option. Obviously when you barrel fire the pots are going to move as the wood burns away around them and having things sticking out is going to put them at risk of breaking. So anyway, here is a photo of the first pot (sorry about the wonky photography):

I call it a bait ball. This is a relatively small pot (approx. 6", 15cm). The one I have started to work on today is quite a bit larger.
I'm thinking of appying terra sig. to this when it's dry to see if it will take a shine in places. The clay is much too groggy to work well, but it may give an interesting finish (I think if I'm going to run with this technique I really need to throw some pots using a smooth clay body). Then I'll barrel fire it and keep my fingers crossed.
I'll show you the big version when I've finished carving.
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  1. WOW! gorgeous! cant wait to see how it's finished :)

  2. Wonderful carving! I sure hope it goes through the barrell firing ok.


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