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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Love Terra Sig.

As promised, here is an update showing the latest fish pot and the result of applying terra sig to the first.

This first photo shows the large fish...moon jar?..I'm terrible at deciding what shapes are. Anyway I'm fairly chuffed with the result. It's taken some time to finish. I have done a lower relief on this one and I think it's a more finished looking pot than the first...talking of which:

Here is the first pot with terra sig applied. I like the effect it gives, having bright and matt spots accentuates the sculpting. It will be interesting to see it after firing. To give you an idea of scale: The fish on both pots are the same size.
While I was playing around with the t.sig I also applied it to a couple of the plain lamp bases.

I'm reaching the stage now, where I am getting a consistently polished finish.
The more I use the terra sig. the more I like it. So much easier then glazing (which I loath!). I just pick up the tub, give it a quick (but thorough) mix and brush it on. A few layers and a polish and Bob's your Uncle! I've spent hours before now just stirring glaze, trying the get the thick, hardening deposit stuck to the bottom of the tub mixed in properly. It drives me mad! And after all the mixing, I can guarantee to splash it over the floor, me, the table, etc. and get mess everywhere, all for a few pots dipped for a couple of seconds; and after all that you still have to sponge the excess off the pots!
Now don't get me wrong, I still like glaze for practical or decorative's just, apart from the tablewares I make for friends, I'm wondering if I really need it at all?
Thanks for visiting and thank-you Kim and Cindy for your generous comments.

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