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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thoresby Exhibition

I've had a slow week. I pulled something in my right wrist last weekend, so have been taking things easy, to make sure it heals properly. I have filled half the kiln with some more small vases though and threw a few large pots for carving, so my time was not entirely wasted. I plan to do some more carving this coming week and have six pots set aside waiting.
Yesterday we took a trip over to the gallery at Thoresby to see the exhibition. It was very interesting and not a little daunting, to see the quality and skills of the other potters taking part. Below are the videos I shot as I walked around. There is a great selection of pots on display. I hope you'll enjoy the tour.
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  1. The terracota surface of your work is lovely, congrats! And I really appreciated the videos you posted. Tks for sharing.


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