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Thursday, July 8, 2010

They All Survived!

The video above includes the pots from the last barrel firing. It was a stressful experience, as you might imagine. All the carved pots went in and I crossed my fingers and prayed to the pottery Gods.
Sixteen hours later....yes, sixteen. It was still smouldering after lunch the next day. I had lit it at 10pm the previous evening. I was able to take the lid off the bin around 2.30pm. By then I had no fingers left, let alone finger nails!
They all survived and because of the slow firing they had in interesting patina. Cue big sigh of relief...
I think the firing took so long because I packed down the wood shavings more than last time. I also built a slightly smaller fire on top to get it started. It's curious how much the results vary by making such small changes.
Thanks for visiting and as always thank you for your comments; they keep me going.


  1. Okay, my questions were cut off in Youtube.
    I am longbeforedawn

    -- I estimate the barrel firing goes to about 900-1100 C, which is about what Simon does his bisc to (unless I am mistaken)
    So, are you bisc firing and then barrel firing after? Are you applying some preparation after the bisc? (I thought that you were not)
    I'm trying to understand why you wouldn't just go straight to the barrel firing with the sig(ed) green ware.

    Anyway, hope I'm not being too much of a nuisance, but I want to try this on a batch of ocarinas for my 23 nieces and nephews for this Christmas. I really like the look of your work, I hope you don't mind my blatant attempt at plagiarism.


  2. Me encanta tu Trabajo , eres Muy amable Por Compartir .
    Un cordial saludo .

  3. I love your work, thank you very much for sharing.

  4. Mark...hello from Alberta, Canada.! I have just discovered your blog and work via Cindy from Dirt-Kicker. What beautiful barrel firings you are producing!! fabulous! I am a newcomer to barrel firing - only done two, but I am also hooked! :) I look forward to seeing more of your work and thankyou for the detailed and informative you tube videos! It is a rainy dreary day here in central Alberta and I have spent a grand time looking at the videos! (should be working in my studio.but being inspired is important too! :) happy Friday to you! Trish from Alberta


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