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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Week To Go...

...and still busy!
I thought I would pop on and update my blog quickly to show you the pots I have been working on this week.
I have to have something ready for the set up of the exhibition by Friday, so keep your fingers crossed that everything happens as planned. I want to do another test barrel firing before I risk any of the big carved pots so I have thrown some test vases which are just about dry and ready for t.sig and firing tomorrow. So anyway, here are the group from this week:

The test vases are on the left, they are all 1kg (2.2lbs). My throwing is improving in leaps and bounds at the moment. These were actually slightly less than 1kg because I had to take a little clay from each ball to make up an underweight one. When I compare them to the last batch of 1kg test vases they are about a third larger. It just shows how important practise is.
I also threw some balls which I have made into tea light holders and one as a keepsake box:

Above is a close up of the test vases. I have also been doing some more carving, here are some close up's of these:

The above fish pot, shoal? Bait ball? is 5kgs of clay and the biggest one thus far.
If everything happens as planned I hope to bisc fire tomorrow and then do the test barrel firing on Monday night. The important vases will be barrel fired through the rest of the week (fingers crossed).
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  1. Hi Mark, Your carved pots are fantastic. I read about your last barrel firing. Sounds ike a fun time. Best of luck at your exhibition.
    :) Cindy

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  3. Hi Mark, I hope you have good luck in your exhibition.
    Too I hope your coments.

  4. mark your carving looks great! i hope all goes well for the show, can't wait to see what those carved pots look like when they're finished!


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