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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turning And Burnishing

Been busy today turning the casseroles I threw the other day and experimenting with decoration on one of the vases.
I turned, attached lug handles and knobs on two of the casseroles. I couldn't do the third one as it is still too wet. I hope it will be dry enough tomorrow.
I took one of the vases I thew and burnished the surface, I then painted decoration on to it using the same oxide mix that I had sprayed over it before burnishing. The effect is that you have shiny and dull contrasting surfaces. I will post a pic. tomorrow (I forgot to take one today). It is based on a technique used by a lady in New Mexico call Maria Martinez who died some years ago. She had developed it after being asked, by archaeologists, to try to recreate some antique pottery they had found, to discover the technique used. I don't do the same as her, but her "black on black" pottery has inspired my attempt.
Anyway it will make more sense when I can show you a picture. I have videoed the process but will wait until the vase is fired before posting it.
Oh, and I posted a video on my YouTube channel showing the completion of the casserole (part 3).
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