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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Medieval Pitcher

I spent today finishing off a medieval spouted pitcher and six cups for it. I have posted a video showing the process. It has been an interesting project, attempting to make an accurate copy of a medieval shape.
I also started tidying the studio, as I don't have any throwing to do for the time being; I have no shelf space left!
I had planned to work on the big teapot but it still hasn't dried out enough to turn. Maybe tomorrow.
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  1. Hi Mark, I saw your post on Cindy's blog and came by for a visit. I can see the native american influence in some of your pots shown below and look forward to seeing your video on the black on black pottery after Marie Martinez. I saw a video of her firing once and it was amazing. I have been reading lots of books on Native American pottery and going to museums. some of their work is truly amazing. I love the tall pot you have show below, just beautiful. I am now reading about Lucy Lewis another native american potter who did black on white deco on very thin walled pots.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Linda. Pleased you like my pots. I am trying to find an effective simple form of pottery for single firing and am finding inspiration from medieval and indigenous pottery, including native american pottery. I found a really good video of Maria Martinez on YouTube. You can find them here:
    There are 2 under the titles hands of Maria.
    I will have to look up Lucy Lewis.


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