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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedge, Wedge, Wedge, Wedge

I've been reclaiming clay again for the last few days. The picture above shows the mountain before I started dividing and wedging. It was still very wet, but my plaster slab was so waterlogged I couldn't use it any more, so I cracked on regardless.

This pic. shows the result so far. I'll need to let it dry out for at least another day before I wedge and knead it again. Hopefully by then it will be firm enough. The sun is out again which I hope will help.
So far as I wedged it I've found a clay stamp and a piece of chamois leather. I believe somewhere in the bin of clay is a mounted pin...I'm not looking forward to finding that!
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  1. Good Gracious Mark!! When you say you are reclaiming clay, you're not kidding! It amazing what you can lose in clay and not even know it. I found a mud rib that I forgot I even had. I like your new page setup.

  2. oh wedging is the absolute worst! throw a pin in the mess and YOUCH! good luck! (then come to my house and wedge up my gunk lol)

  3. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog!
    wow, that looks like a LOT of wedging.....
    I have so far found my chamois in the reclaimed clay, but that didn't sting me! Be careful! :-)



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